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“The excitement I feel just holding my brother’s book for the first time is surreal. I’m so close to him and to know I’m holding a part of his dream in my hands is priceless. Even more so….knowing I helped convince him to push forward and JUST DO IT!!!! I’m so proud of you, Jonnie Reed, I really really am. I have heard you read many of them to me over the phone or you have sent them to me for my thoughts and feedback but to officially read them all in [this] form….there is nothing like it. ~Christina Reed Dryden

Most Requested Poem

One More Day

This poem was written by the Author at the end of his Mother’s lengthy battle with cancer. Since then, it was read at her funeral and has been very well received by anyone that has had the privilege to hear it. These moments in our lives can be extremely difficult to navigate for everyone involved, but especially difficult for the one fighting the battle. Nonetheless, she insisted on living those final days to the fullest with her loved ones by her side.

Each day she would mask the pain with her beautifully crooked smile as she became overwhelmed with joy. That joy drove her to spend every waking hour making memories with the ones that will continue her lasting legacy. The foundation of this legacy will always be her love for everyone that she came in contact with no matter what their story may be. She made an impact on so many lives and will continue to do so long after her time here on Earth.

This lyrical poetry is grippingly emotional as you experience how these days are so beautifully portrayed within this poetic release. From Jonnie’s perspective, he passionately illustrates a miracle witnessed from his Mother’s strength to give them all One More Day.

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