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“Once you pick up this emotional read, it’s hard to let go…
So much heartfelt semblance in the words and rhyme, the talent, that is Jonnie…”

There is something for everyone inside of these Words of Release! Each page is full of real life experiences from the author’s perspective as a Father, a Husband, a Brother, a Son, a Friend and even as a Complete Stranger. No matter who you are or where you’re at in your life’s journey, this book will reach you and those around you as you share it with others.

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Poetry for the Grieving Heart

When heavy and painful emotions cannot be articulated by prose, poetry steps onto the broken path and gracefully walks the point home. Such is the case with the inspirational and religious poetry of Jonnie Reed. Through poignant, poetic passages described by Jonnie as his Words of Release, loss is released and peace revealed. An intimate journey through moments of profound grief. Echoes, Shadows and Heartbeats pulls at the heartstrings and calms the broken spirit.

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Words from the Author

Jonnie Reed

I dedicate these memories to my mom, Lillie Reed.

There were many things she wanted me to tell her, but I just could not find the way. I love you, Mom, and I deeply regret that you did not get the chance to read these words.

I would like to thank all of you who are in these words. If you hadn’t allowed me to be a part of your lives, there would be nothing here but blank pages.

Additionally, I would like to thank Archangel Ink for providing the editing and book design for Echoes, Shadows and Heartbeats.

However, I hope that my Words of Release are just as helpful to you as they are for me.


Selections from the Book


Heaven opened up

Dropped an angel from the sky

Life was then complete

Tears of joy I did cry

My head started spinning

My feet left the ground

Unforeseen worries

With this joy, I had found 

Impossible to be perfect 

Somehow I had to try

Can I make her life perfect

Keep the tears from her eyes

Failure after failure

Did not push me from my goal

Hardships and burdens

Became a heavy load

When I looked into her eyes 

She put a kiss on my cheek

Little arms that held me tight

I felt so loved and weak

This angel I was given 

To help me on my way

A precious gift from God

I thank Him every day

My heart fills with pride

To see her on her way

They say no one is perfect

It is hard to believe

For if she is imperfect

It is something I can't see

Surrounded by broken hearts

Who know what they must do

The warrior has now fallen

She knows her time is through

Her heart races into failure

She fights for every breath

Body drained from the battle

Proudly she greets death

The cancer came to take her

She said no not today

Defied the odds of science

Fought with courage all the way

The strength it must have taken

To smile in so much pain

The will to last that long

Is impossible to explain

She told us what she wanted

Now the words so hard to say

She dropped her mask to comfort

Then she told us one more day

One more day I will hold on 

One more day I will fight

One more day in this struggle

To help you do what is right

The battle is almost over

My fight on earth is through

One more day is what you ask

One more day I'll do for you 

They say I am the strong one

I say no I am her son

They say believe in miracles

I say I witnessed one

Your thoughts are very well articulated. My favorites were One More Day, Second Chances and Baby Girl. Baby Girl made me so emotional! May your mother rest in peace.

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