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Jonnie Reed

I never imagined exposing my thoughts to the World. They did not need to know, and truly, who would care? Life is an emotional roller coaster that we all ride. There is no way around it. There is but one way to escape it. Everyone has their way of processing and coping. Mine is to write.

What occurs in my mind and heart is for me and me alone. I am not one to open up to those around me. Thoughts and emotions race around inside until the pen releases them from control. Then I’m at peace until the next storm or cool breeze.

My baby sister convinced me to share these words with whomever would listen. You may thank her or curse her, depending on your opinion. However, I feel that no matter your satisfaction level, this is yet another release that was needed.

I’ve been told that my words may touch someone in their storm, and for some, they already have. If they do, it will have been an honor. But I also hope that , in some way, they will inspire. Inspire you to write down your own words, in your own way and time.

You may fear talking to people about your thoughts. With pen and paper, there is no fear of any opinion other than your own. The more you face this fear, the better you will understand the one and only person you need to impress. Yourself.

Snapshots and Inspirations

Jonnie & Jade

Poetry is a form of therapy for many people. To write down the words that you want to say, in a way that you might not know how to speak. You may not have the courage to speak or a person to tell.

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